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Morgan is goddess of the underwater world. This act is the Opening Aerial piece for a show I am creating which carries the same name. The original music was Composed and recorded by Daniel Lines.

Somebody Help Me


An upbeat Aerial Silk Act, telling the story of a Paradise Bird who lives between two worlds. Wanting the stability of a life on the ground but not willing to give up the excitement of flying high.

Read All About It


A Dance Trapeze act created out of pure emotion. This act is about the struggle of feeling too much. It is all about the movement which s initiated by the emotion felt rather than a physical action.



An aerial Tissue performance inspired by and to the music from the TV series Firefly by Greg Edmonson. A piece about defying control and finding freedom surfing the edges of Society.

I see Fire


An aerial Tissue performance to the Song I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. This piece is about fighting for what you want and what you believe in, no matter how large the obstacles.



A Burlesque inspired aerial Lyra performance to the song Express by Christina Aguilera. A cheeky and flirtatious piece incorporating classical Ballet.


A comedy Dance Trapeze performance to the song Cliché Love Song by the danish singer Basim. Inspired by 1950’s style New York, this is an up-beat fun piece bringing the Audience into the Action on stage.




For an Aerial Performance to suit you exact needs or theme, please contact me on info@evelyndevos.com

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