Evelyn de Vos
Evelyn de Vos

Ballaérien Technique is an innovative training method developed by Evelyn de Vos to develop a balletic elegance in the air. 

Using basic Ballet exercises to instal the muscle memory to create beautiful lines and fluid movements in the air. 


Evelyn first trained as a professional dances at schools such as the Elmhurst Ballet School and the London Studio Centre. After working as a Dancer for 10 Years she retrained into Aerial Dance. She is known for her beautiful lines and elegant movement in the air creating a fluid dance meters above the ground, giving the impression of weightlessness.


After many years of teaching and gaining her Circus Instructor award from the Ecole National de Cirque in Montreal Canada she started to focus her lessons on installing exactly this elegance in her Students. In doing so she realised that often students struggle to achieve these lines in the air as they are missing the muscle memory which took Evelyn a lifetime of Ballet training to master. 


This discovery set her off on the journey to create Ballaérien Technique which focuses on intensively training the elements of Ballet which will translate into the air and create the beautiful lines her students where struggling to achieve. The program is made up of two sections which work together to over time instal a level of muscle memory which will allow them to focus on the performance while the alignment of the body happens without extreme concentration, but rather by the body moving naturally into the positions learnt and perfected from this training method.

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