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Professional Performance Intensive

For further information such as date, location and cost of the next Professional Intensice please e mail: Info@evelyndevos.com

This 6 week course will prepare you to work as a professional Aerialist. The aim of this Intensive is to equip you with both the physical skills and the Industry “know how”, to make your way to international Circus jobs. 

To ensure that all participants profit equally from this course, the number will be Limited to a maximum of 5-8 people. 


Course content:

  • Floor based Conditioning
  • Aerial Conditioning
  • Aerial Repertoire
  • Act Creation
  • Ballet
  • Dance
  • Intensive Flexibility
  • Individual Private lessons (10 x 1,5 hr per Student)
  • Professional Performing Arts knowledge
  • Open training times
  • Rigging and Equipment Knowledge
  • Marketing as an Artist
  • Stage Make up


For pricing details and how to register please contact info@evelyndevos.com

The maximum number of participants will not exceed 8. A large part of the timetable is flexible to suit anybody, other parts are currently set for weekends and evening in order to allow people who are working to participate, however should participants need these times to change due to personal commitments, they will be reset to suit the group.


Minumum requirements for participation:

You should have reached a level on your Apparatus at which you are compfortable in all basic technical elements such as climbing, mounting, inverting and more. Most importantly a willingness to work hard and in a disciplined fashion to achieve your personal best. Alternatively this course is also open to all professionally trained Dancers who which to add Aerial to their Skill set.


By the end of this course you will have a fully choreographed and polished Act, ready to be filmed for your Demo. After a final exam those who have achieved a sufficient level will also be forwarded with my personal recommendation to international circus casting Agents, should this be your wish. There is also the possibility to join my international performance team. 


For further information and how to apply please E-mail: info@evelyndevos.com


Oliver Smith-Wellnitz

"With an eye for detail and a strong technical vocabulary, Evelyn is a skilled teacher and established artist. If you are looking to push your performance to the next level, Evelyn can hep you to get where you need to go."

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