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Act Creation


This is a special workshop in which the focus is for each particiapant to start creating their very own personal act. Though it is not possible to create and perfect a full act in one workshop, you recieve all the tools and knowledge to know how to compleate the started process. 

How to combine moves to chreate choreography, how to add a personal touch to all elements, how to choose music and ensure that the act is perfectly linked to your chosed song and a lot more.

Beginners Mixed Aerial Workshop


This workshop is specifically developed for beginners. Wether with or without a sport or dance background this is the right workshop to start with. It starts with a thorough warm up to ensure all the muscles, tendons and ligaments are ready for their new challenge. Moving onto the equipment we start with basic technical exercises, conditioning the body to understand what is needed to execute movements on the apparatus safely and efficiently. By using a variety of Aerial Equipment, we can ensure that the participants do not burn out too fast or get bored. It is also a chance for new aerialists to discover which apparatus they love the most. Everyone has their favourite and you will know the minute you have your first opportunity to play with it.




Aerial Technique & Performance Workshop


Part one

This workshop starts with a thorough floor based warm up including some exercises from my flexibility and injury prevention Course. Once Warmed up, we move to the Aerial Equipment to work on some stabilising exercises targeting the Shoulders as well as Back and core muscles. These exercises will help to build the stability to later make the sequences look effortless. 


Part Two

In this section of the work shop, the focus is on performance and performance only. No matter your level you will benefit from this work shop and above all have a lot of fun, while creating something unique. Using so called “ performance tools” you get to create your very own act in your personal style.


This workshop can be taken on any apparatus or even for a mixed goup in which participants all work on differnet apparatuses. 




Aerial Silk Repertoires Workshop


This course is aimed at those who want to learn new sequences. As will all my workshops we start with a warm up and a section dedicated to technical exercise to make sure the body is well prepared for the main part of the course. In this “main Section” the focus is on learning new moves, sequences, tricks and drops. make sure to bring your paper and pencil to ensure you can remember it all later. 



Dance Trapeze Workshop


In this Workshop we learn a variety of moves and sequences on the dance trapeze. Incorporating spinning and swinging into the repertoire, and learning dynamic moves to create striking choreography on this versatile apparatus.




Choreography Workshop


This is a fun and light hearted workshop in which you are shown how to combine the elements you have learnt so far no matter how simple or complex to create your very own act. You will learn how to choose Music and how to adjust your Choreography to work with the music. Finding ways to include different dynamics and how to smooth out complex wraps or transitions. This workshop can be taken on any apparatus or even for a mixed group with participants all working on different apparatuses.




Flexibility and Injury Prevention Workshop


No matter wether you are into Pole, Silks, Hoop or Dance, wether you are a gym fanatic or simply want to improve your posture and understanding of your body. This workshop is for you. If you have been injured in the past or are recovering from an injury or simply want to prevent a possible injury in the future, you will find huge benefit in this workshop. If you want to increase you flexibility working with your body rather than fighting it, you are in the right place. 


This workshop focuses on anatomy and an in depth understanding of your body. We use exercises which find their origins in Pilates, Yoga, Dance and contortion, to discover how best to work with our bodies and get the most out of our individual physic. You will leave this workshop not only with a new found understanding of your Body but also with a light feeling of having new joints. (Beware you will feel every muscles the following day!)

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